These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Why did I write these?
Hi— you gotta be willing to read, if you want to do this… But guaranteed, this will change the way you think of car care, also, your back will thank me long term. IMPORTANT: THIS IS FOR BRAND NEW VETTES ONLY, OLDER CARS WILL TAKE DIFF PRODUCTS… I can send you a doc for older cars… But this is written for people brand new to detailing, and don’t want to pay the huge $ some detailers charge.
This is kinda a “pay it forward” type thing… I'm 63… The reason I wrote all this is for years, I struggled with detailing and got all sorts of bad suggestions from people that liked their stuff and pushed it everywhere they went, (Zaino! Adams!, Meguires! - there are no others except mine!! etc), and others that simply were stupid and just wanted to show how much they knew. I bought every product mentioned on the forums. Then 5 years ago I stumbled on to a retired gent named Rick from Texas who made it all clear, simple and easy. It is because of him and the guys who run autopia that I wrote this. I hate to see people get crap answers and work harder than they need to. So below is a way to PREP and SEAL your car, and then a way to WASH it in less than 20 minutes… Detailers are more $ (and you get more results) but if you are a DIY, this works great.
Don’t miss the one called “the master plan"…
There certainly is no “secret or magic” to this, it’s just a combination of procedure, best practices and good tools. Many just “wash and wax” and are always looking for the "magic wax”. As said below, surface prep is the real secret, not the "last step product” (LSP), known to most of us as “wax”.
For a brand new C7, it is soooo easy… I said above, I have used virtually every brand and they all get great gloss!!! But it’s so much easier now….while the people that will not try new things will be doing backbreaking buffing , you’ll be driving…..If you’re over 45, you’re gonna love this method.
Things changed about 6-8 years ago, when chemists invented “WOWA polymers", instead of waxes. WOWA stands for “wipe on-walk away”. They last longer and go on easier. NO BUFFING… There is no longer a need for massive “6 coats of XXX”, hours of buffing off hardened wax and huge expense. This is about EZ… WHILE NOT SACRIFICING ANY GLOSS OR DURABILITY. My detailing mentor says "when things are easy, you’ll do them more often". Instead of spending 4 hours twice a year, waxing your car, a seal coating goes on in 20 min, so you don’t mind putting it on every 3 months….As you go forward it’s even faster, they even make a sealant that goes as you dry your car! How easier can it get???? Once you are done with this, I’ll email you the “how to” for doing a rinseless wash - better than the hose and car wash soap.
The “master” doc below gives details, but it's as simple as this:
  1. Wash car with Dawn dishwashing detergent… JUST THIS ONCE to strip it clean (and clay DURING wash if necessary)
  2. Wax on and buff off the polish - just like waxing your dad's car—> polish is the real secret, not the "wax"…
  3. Wipe on the WOWA crystal seal polymer like windex…no buffing…crystal seal self glosses and cures….
Note: for wheels, glass and stripes, skip #2, go right from #1 to #3 (dawn to crystal seal)
Done… Now comes the easy part: wash car weekly (not with dawn, use your fav wax friendly shampoo), and every 2-4 months, wash with your with car shampoo, and then do #3 (20 min)…
If this is your first time at really detailing, you have to call me before you start - we will lay out the whole plan so you feel good about this… don’t wing it, call me… Please don’t send me a list of questions, pick up the phone and call… I am retired and take a few calls a day on this stuff, no problem… and you’re keeping an old man busy! If you call, I’ll save you another hour with some tricks that work… I do ask if you call you send me 10 bucks on paypal BEFORE as my phone bill has gotten ouit of control - I’m on cell only so I pay receiving well as making a call. Just paypal me 10 bucks to - I guarantee you it’s worth it.
One other thing - this procedure has been proven to work on the detailing sites, with about 250 people now… Don’t start adding your own ideas about wax, not claying or mixing the steps. I did not invent this, smarter people than me did, so do it exactly like I write it, and you will be amazed. The only time I see this fail when the person introduces his thinking/tricks into the method and it does not work.