These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Rinseless Wash
Doing a “no hose” Rinseless wash
  1. Get a bucket and fill it half way with water.
  2. Put on 1 oz (1.5 if car is really dirty) of the pink stuff and mix the water.
  3. Put all 5 microfiber towels in the wash bucket.
  4. Now just pull them out one at a time, you are going to use one towel for two panels. Lay them on sopping wet, do not wring them out and lay them on the car fully, and let them float across surface like this:

    Meaning the hood and front fender for one
    The door and rear fender for another
    The rear deck and rear for another
    Etc etc.
    Every time you finish with two panels, retire the towel to the trash bag and get another.
  5. You can dip a few of the towels back in the liquid and do wheels the same way…
When the whole car is done, and 5 towels are used, dry with the big weave towel. If you are in the sun, wash the panels and dry before moving on…
Take the trash bag inside, and wash like clothes… warm / no dryer sheet