These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Crystal Seal is extremely easy to apply. The mistake people make is they apply too much. Apply the CS by hand and follow the directions! Below is my method which should not contradict the instructions you receive with the product.
  1. Shake the bottle.
  2. Take a clean microfiber applicator and spray 1 spray onto it to prime it.
  3. Spray it once more and do about a 3 SQ FT area.
  4. Apply in circular motions just making sure to overlap and cover the entire area. You are not polishing so no need to rub too hard or over and over. I always finish with straight lines from front to back of the panel. 3 SQ FT is an estimate. Another thing to look for is that your applicator is no longer leaving anything on the paint. But on certain colors and without really good lighting its sometimes hard to tell anyway. I basically make sure I do about 3 SQ FT. Then I'll wipe over to the side a bit where I know I haven't applied any to see if there is still anything coming off the pad. Fred gave me a tip that is a great idea. When you are no longer sure if anything is on the pad touch your clean window with it and you'll be able to see if there is still product on the applicator.
  5. If I don't see anything then its time for (1) more spritz to the applicator.
  6. Repeat until you get to the last panel. Now just walk away. Their may or may not be a slight film on the paint for a bit but it starts it's bonding process immediately. Now just DO NOT touch Wait 45 minutes and inspect. There should be no need to do anything else. This is not a product that you have to buff off. In the unlikely chance that their is a streak somewhere after 45 minutes of curing allow to cure longer (up to 12 hours) after that if a streak remains, just wipe the streak with a high quality MF towel.
Even though on some colors or in some lighting it seems like you aren't putting anything on your paint just TRUST the product. It will come out great if you don't over apply. I didn't have any trouble at all even the first time but I have read some people apply too much. It is a little disconcerting not always being able to tell if you are putting anything on your paint.
You can place the second coat after 1-2 hours. I have always waited 12 hours between coats but apparently the product has been modified and the cure is accelerated. I HIGHLY recommend applying 2 layers or more for noticeable better appearance and gloss.