These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Is your car 1 year old?
Using this method and your car is 1 year old…???
Then it’s time for a deep cleaning of the paint and starting over. This is still a gentle process and just adds one step:
After claying and washing with the nanoskin – mount up the orbital with a white pad and use Meguires 205 all over the car, the usual way, 2 x 2 sections, wiping off and then move on to the next step: Total Polish and Seal.
The result is… and this pic does not show the depth… outstanding…
Blackfire SRC Finishing polish is the equiv to 205, but 205 is a local purchase
If you are using totally different products, the point is try a fine finishing polish first, before your fav “wax or sealant”… it really adds depth.