These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Up Down Side To Side
Most of us grew up putting wax on dad’s car using a circular motion, and a sponge pad that came with the KIT/SIMONIZE/TURTLE WAX paste we were using. And then we saw Karate kid do “wax on wax off”.
All wrong -­ why? You miss spots! So if you are washing, polishing by hand, or the polisher, claying, or applying sealant, use the “up down side to side” motion.
First, start thinking of your car as a collection of 2’ x 2’ sections. Think of your hood as 4 quarters, as that’s the sections you will work on, one at a time.
So let’s say you’re going to do the polish (TPNS) now. So moisten the pad with a spiral of TPNS and rub it in. Now put a 25 cent size dollop of TPNS in the middle of the 2’ x 2’ square and spread it around in 2 secs in the square – Now use a stroke that goes up the square and back down unlit the square is traversed…now switch and go across – hence “up down side to side”…that’s all there is to it. You do this with every step, all the time.
Again, Why do this? Because circular motions do not spread the product evenly, and you miss spots – simple as that…