These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Should I Clay
Yes... the answer is probably about 70% of new cars need it. 70% yet. The reason is it went to a lot of places before it got to you, was on a truck, and probably there is dirt in the paint
So how do you know if you should clay? It's pretty simple. Get a Ziploc bag. Put your hand in it like a glove. Run your hand on the surface of your hood and your trunk. If it feels like fine or extra fine sandpaper, you're fine, but if it feels like medium or course sandpaper you need to clay. If you are OCD, do it anyway.
But Clay is dead - it is old-school. They now make sponges that act like Clay and eliminate all the hassle of clay. A good one is listed below and will last five years of taking care your vette if you clay once or twice a year. AND THESE SPONGES ARE SCREW UP PROOFYOU CANNOT HURT YOUR CAR.
Claying is simple, my way….There is no need to use a special “clay lube”. Get the car completely soapy with Dawn dishwashing detergent when you're washing it for the first time to strip it. Then glide the sponge with the rubberized side against the paint and glide along the surface, don't scrub! If it's not gliding on the surface, and it's kind of catching, then you're not using enough soap to keep it slippery and lubricated. One or two passes is enuf. Then rinse the car, and start with the procedure on the other document. You don't have to worry about washing it again.