These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Wanna do an older car?
Okay now that you got your car perfect, you probably have some people that have looked your car and want theirs done too, or you have an older car. It’s very possible if you have a relative that just wants a shine, and you don’t want to spend any time, just wash the car and do step three: Crystal Seal -­ that usually does it for people that you don’t want to spend time doing their car.
But if you have an older car that wants the total method, you need to add one step after the clay sponge. You need a true compound that will scrub the surface and get off all the contamination and oxidation. So you can’t do this by hand like the new Vette, it’s gonna take an orbital to do it right. And you’re going to need to use two pads and switch half way thru, as the pad will get dirty and “load up” with the crap you’re polishing off. So switch pads ½ way, back at the trunk.
With the white pad and setting your polisher on number 4 , put on a coat of Meguire’s ULTIMATE COMPOUND which you can buy at the auto parts store. Do it just like you did everything else, → “Up down side to side” in 2 x 2 sections, wipe off and see how the surface looks. If it’s not to your satisfaction, you need to do it again. You’re not just “light cleaning” it l ike a new C7, you have to really polish to get the surface reflectively smooth. And it will never be mirror-­like like the C7, as the paint is old. There is only so much an orbital will do.
Once you’ve done the coat(s) of Ultimate Compound, then you can just do the New Vette method starting with the Total Polish and Seal.
So again the steps are:
  1. Meguires Ultimate Compound with two white pads and the polisher on speed 4-5.
  2. Then total polish and seal with a white pad on speed 3
  3. Then the crystal seal by hand