These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Taking care of your tools
Now that you have a pristine car and the admiration of all, it’s time to talk about how we put the stuff away so that it lasts years.. so here’s the rundown.
It is important that everything is clean and laundered and dry before you start again. No “hosing off the mitt and hanging it up”.
Microfiber towels
There are many towel detergents but I’ve always had good luck with standard liquid laundry detergent and washing them like clothes. This goes for Mitts too. Just wash on HOT and COLD rinse and throw them in the dryer. NO DRYER SHEET. Then when you fold then run your hand flat across the surface and see if you catch some debris that has embedded in the fibers like twigs that can scratch. I check ‘em all every time…One additional note: These are for detailing, not around the house cleaning and such!! Keep your spouse away from them and tucked away for the next time. This is the single biggest way to scratch your car if these are dirty or contaminated…
The applicator pads or polisher pads
Draw a bucket of hot water with a cup of laundry detergent and let them soak for a few hours or overnight. Rinse them out, let them dry on a open grate with foam side up. Put them in individual zip locks when dry. They won’t really come all the way clean, Blackfire stuff does not totally rinse out.
The Crystal Seal blue microfiber bricks
No need to clean – stick them in a closed zip lock after finishing. Same if you have used one for interior Natural Look.
The polisher
Nothing to do except wipe it off – alcohol /water spray will get off any dried polish.
The Blackfire Products
NOT IN THE GARAGE! They don’t like heat – keep them inside under the sink or in your office closet.