These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
If you have to buy local
I have run into some people, for whatever reason, will not order supplies online and want to know what they can buy at their local auto parts store.
In an effort to show you that it’s not all about products, but the procedure, here goes:
  1. A waffle weave drying towel.
  2. 3 microfiber towels – buy the most expensive they have, usually $7 or so apiece.
  3. A chenille wash mitt is fine.
  4. Meguire’s Fine clay to use with the dawn.
  5. I would not buy a buffer local as the Griot’s I recommend is clearly better, but if you have to, find a PORTER CABLE 7424 and some medium foam pads.
  6. Meguire’s Ultra Finishing Polish (#205) for the polish stage (method step 2).
  7. Meguire’s QUIK WAX for the wipe on and walk away (step 3) Note: this won’t last anywhere near as long as Blackfire Crystal Seal.
  8. Meguire’s GOLD CLASS shampoo for normal washes…
This will in no way be like the Blackfire stuff but it’ll be damn good and still easy…