These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
So what do I do between details?
With “the method”, you should be washing your car every week or so, either hose or rinseless and applying the Crystal Seal about every 8-12 washes, whatever makes you feel good. You can put it on every month of you want, it’s does not “add” and need to be stripped. It wears off by itself.
But if you just want a bit of extra pop (and none of the work) after a wash – use one of the new “drying agents”.
These are products developed to add sealant to a car WHILE YOU ARE DRYING. What could be easier?
So it goes like this:
  1. Wash your car normal and to rinse, use the open end of the hose and sheet the water off the car, not with the nozzle. You’ll end up with the car 50% dryer than using the nozzle – try it, trust me it works.
  2. Then while the car is still wet, put a few sprays on each panel of the agent and just dry normally with your waffle weave. Another reason I like the weave vs a blower.
  3. Then move to the next panel, when all done, give quick wipe again with the weave to all panels and stand back and look – Bam! Instant detail!!
Two of the best “Agents” are:
  1. The good cheap stuff: Duragloss Aqua Wax – about $9 a bottle and a great product.
  1. More expensive but really great stuff: Prima Hydro – spread a bit easier then the above:
Enjoy – both work well on wheels too, and also, can be used on a dry dry if you want.
But a warning – stay away from all quick detailers or even these products if the surface is dirty, even if you spray a lot, you will never have enuf lube on the surface and even your best MF will scratch. NOTHING TOUCHES YOUR PAINT UNLESS IT IS WET, OR JUST WASHED…GET IT?