These pages contain car detailing tips by Glen.
Cleaning and preserving your wheels
There’s many ways you can go about this but the fundamental thing you want to get done is to seal the wheel and make sure that the paint is protected against the brake dust. You can do this in several different ways but it starts with one fundamental cleaning:
A good way: dawn dishwashing detergent
A better way = Sonax Full Effect or wheel cleaner
Then a wipe down with 25/75% alcohol / water
Once the wheel squeaky clean, then you can proceed to seal the wheel. You can do this with the products that we recommend for detailing the car here, and go straight from to Crystal Seal , two coats, 2 hours apart.
Or you can go to a better situation and put on a coating, which is about $80. They are:
  • CquartzUK
  • OPTi Coat 2.0.
You can scan You Tube for videos that show them applied.
After whatever you choose to seal, then wash regularly with your car wash soap or rinseless. The Z51 wheels are particularly dirty so do them often, so it des not build up. That’s it, that all you need to do is wash them, wipe them off and apply some more crystal seal every month if you want.